The purposes of the International Society for Neurovascular Disease (ISNVD) are:

  • To promote communication, research, development, applications, and the availability of information on neurovascular and related neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis internationally;
  • To develop and provide channels and facilities for continuing education and communication in the field, to publish and assist in the publishing of journals and other publications in the field;
  • To provide information and advice on those aspects of public policy which are concerned with neurovascular disease and other related topics, and otherwise to perform charitable, scientific and educational functions with respect to studying such diseases in terms of research and treatment;
  • To work with or for, and to co-operate with local, regional and national governments and governmental and private agencies, organizations, firms and institutions in efforts to accomplish one or more of the above purposes and
  • To ensure that scientists and clinicians working in the field have equal and fair opportunities to contribute to it.

The ISNVD is dedicated to the dissemination and review of new concepts in etiopathogenesis, novel diagnostics and modes of therapeutic treatment in the diseases of the neurovasculature. The society does not endorse specific products, treatment modalities or procedures but encourages the free exchange of information which may lead to peer reviewed research and clinical studies.

Executive Committee

President Ziv J. Haskal
President Elect Salvatore Sclafani
Vice President (Pending)
Immediate Past President Michael Dake
Secretary Salvatore Sclafani
Treasurer/Executive Director
Robert Zivadinov
Chair Annual Meeting Program Committee Marcello Mancini
Chairperson J. Steven Alexander
Chairperson Hector Ferral
Chairperson Paolo Zamboni

Committee Chairpersons

Finance Committee Robert Zivadinov
David Hubbard
Nominating Committee Salvatore Sclafani
Paul Thibault
Annual Meeting Program Committee Mark Haacke
Noam Alperin
Chih-Ping Chung
Awards Committee Marian Simka
Alireza Minagar
Publications Committee E. Mark Haacke
Clive Beggs
Education Committee Karen Marr
Adnan H. Siddiqui
Marcello Mancini
Governance Committee Marian Simka
Joseph Hewett
Section and Affiliations Committee Zahid Latif
Nikolaos Liasis
Safety Committee Adnan Siddiqui
Bulent Arslan
Public Relations Committee Sandy McDonald
Carol Schumacher